Doug Kaufmann Interviews Pam Bartha


 Become a Wellness Champion. Part 1.


 Become a Wellness Champion. Part 2.



Spellbinders Speakers Group

Pam, Thank you for speaking at our women’s community event.  The audience was captivated by your inspiring story and fascinated by your current research findings. I can certainly understand why you are so passionate about sharing this valuable information. You are a pleasure to listen to and I appreciate that you explained everything in an understandable and clear manner! I feel that I have just been given a key that unlocks many health mysteries and you have given me hope that I can take control and positively affect my current and future health.

Mary Ann Chartrand Spellbinders Speakers Group

Additional comments from the attendees:

The talk that Pam gave was not only an eye opener, but it also inspired me to learn more about my health as no one else is going to do it for me!


Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge, I feel empowered!


Pam is an inspiration!! She is extremely knowledgeable and presents in an easy to understand and entertaining way! Thank you for demystifying a very complex topic.



Multiple Sclerosis Society letter of reference.



Freedom 55 Financial Kelowna letter of reference.



School District 23 letter of reference.


Book Pam for a fun yet eye-opening event that will inspire your group to think differently and empower them to take control of their health. Pam will tailor the topics to the needs of your group.


Speaking Topics: 

Live Disease Free – What Most People are Missing

How to Recover From Multiple Sclerosis Naturally


Some would say knowledge is power. I believe that knowledge can be power only if it is applied. Therefore, it is equally important to explore the things that stop us from applying the life changing knowledge.               Pam Bartha

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